Key Features of CorrRisk

The key features of the Trade Asset Risk Management Solution – CorrRisk are:

  • CorrRisk supports a global-user environment so that users can interact with the application simultaneously and within a single browser instance.
  • Powerful business intelligence and executive management reporting tools via smart graphical displays.
  • Roles and their associated privileges are freely configurable and can be customized or controlled according to the financial institution’s specific requirements (based on Beneficiary, Business Unit, Counter Party, and / or Product).
  • CorrRisk supports a start-to-end workflow for a deal using various statuses and queues to keep track of the asset and its current status. Among its workflow capabilities CorrRisk offers:
    • Rules-based applications (i.e. user/group profiles, fees and pricing, mandatory fields, schedules and reminders)
    • Multiple levels of approval (complete audit trail)