Developing solutions today that are fully scalable to integrate with future IT solutions

Most leading financial institutions are using technology solutions strategically to acquire customers, deliver better service, and reduce costs. Technology today is at the heart of the bank's drive for competitiveness. The banks must now be prepared to respond rapidly to customer needs with a flexible and robust application infrastructure that works well in our increasingly networked and web-enabled world. Fulfilling these tough requirements means moving on from distinct mainframe and desktop systems, and from simple two-tier client server applications to an N-tier, or distributed enterprise application architecture. The CorrTec product line is on the forefront of this next generation of high-productivity, distributed object computing aimed at the banking industry, which provide unparalleled advantages by making tomorrow's enterprise-wide business solutions possible today. N-tier applications deliver a new level of flexibility for software solutions to the international banking community, enabling them to separate business application components from user interfaces and data, resulting in easier-to-manage applications that are quicker to build and deploy. In a distributed system, parts of an application may be split over any number of servers and different parts of the applications may be upgraded without affecting other parts of the system. Coupled with Object-oriented application architecture which maximizes reusability and speed of application development, the N-tier and Object-oriented enterprise applications provide the standard for the next generation of international banking solutions.

Products developed by CorrTec also minimize the risk of IT investment by supporting all Microsoft standards such as COM+ and increasingly .NET, and XML Web services. CorrTec solutions developed today not only can take full advantage of existing system standards, but are fully scalable and will integrate with future IT solutions.