CorrTec provides a variety of consulting services that complement our software products for a comprehensive business solution to our clients. Based on our experience software in general only constitutes a portion of the overall solution whereas consulting services form an integral part of a successful and value driven implementation.

The CorrTec implementation services assure an effective and timely implementation of the software application. Our consultants can provide assistance to the organization's internal project team, or alternatively they can assume primary responsibility for any phase of the implementation from initial needs analysis to project management and global roll-out of the final solution.

Software integration is frequently one of the most overlooked aspects of new application software implementation. Specification, development and testing of interfaces often constitute more than 50% of the effort to implement a new software application. If customized interfaces / integration services are deemed necessary, we can rapidly provide database to database, on-line and batch interfaces to and from any target application.

Ongoing trainings and process improvements are some of the key factors to derive a full benefit from any new software application. Initial training often only provides an overview of the new product utility, however in order for the customer to maximize the product benefits, retraining is highly recommended. This is especially important as annual product releases are delivered as part of the on-going maintenance and support to our customers.

As a result of our highly advanced Object Oriented development approach, CorrTec has an impressive capability to rapidly develop additional product functionality or entirely new banking applications. The core objects of the software product are designed to accommodate the demands of the transaction volumes, complexities and functional requirements of the clients. Accordingly, the Object Oriented development used by CorrTec is highly effective for even the most demanding processing environments in correspondent and international banking applications.

CorrTec offers various client services under its maintenance and support program, including:

  • Global Support Infrastructure and experience, with offices in New York, Bangkok and Karachi.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Remote Diagnostics & Repair
  • Electronic Delivery of Software

The CorrTec maintenance program also provides free software updates on the basis of:

  • SWIFT Regulatory Requirements
  • National and Regional Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Technological Enhancements (Compatibility with latest hardware and software releases)
  • Competitive Product Enhancements developed in conjunction with continuous market research